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University of Western States
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Kevin Martin, DC

Dr. Martin specializes in the examination and treatment of traumatic neck and back injuries such as spinal disc injuries.  He believes that patient care revolves around the right type of treatment and encourages patient's to take an active role in their care.  Dr. Martin’s patient appointments typically last between 15 and 30 minutes.  Each appointment begins with an examination of the current injuries and evaluation of overall status.  Dr. Martin’s treatments include gentle manipulation (adjusting), joint mobilization, manual decompression in the neck, flexion distraction, lumbar decompression, therapeutic stretching, and spinal stabilization exercises. 

Dr. Martin was born and raised in Minnesota where he spent time exploring and playing football.  He moved to Portland, OR to attend chiropractic school and later lived in Bend, OR for one year allowing him to intern under Dr. Brad Welker.  It was under Dr. Welker’s guidance that Dr. Martin started to develop an evaluation and treatment style oriented around spinal disc injuries.  In his spare time, Dr. Martin enjoys running up and down Capitol Hill's stair climb, traveling, and getting his hands dirty with his lifelong automotive hobby.  


Abby Dillinger-Lee, Office Manager (and back-up LMP)

Abby is western Washington native, she graduated from Washington State University (BS Psychology), and did her massage training at the BodyMind Academy of Bellevue in 2004.  In her spare time she enjoys kickboxing, napping with her tiny dog and chasing warm weather with her husband and son.  Abby’s massage philosophy focuses on working with the body and it’s innate ability to heal itself, she firmly believes that each massage should be tailored to the particular level of injury an individual has and not their ability to withstand pressure.  Abby specializes in auto accident recovery, especially headaches. She has taught anatomy and physiology and has worked with professional athletes. 


Desiree Bryant, LMT

Bio coming soon..


Rick Freitag, LMT

Rick graduated from Carrington college and has been a practicing massage therapist for the past 4 years. He like to incorporate relaxation massage in with myofascial release, deep tissue work, and trigger point therapy. Combing these different techniques makes for a relaxing, yet effective massage in relieving tight muscles from every day use or injuries. Rick decided to become a massage therapist because he loves helping people. Rick stays active in the gym and loves snowboarding and riding dirt bikes.


Wendy Rose Acorn, LMP

Wendy has two children and two Lab’s.  She is certified to teach yoga at the 200 hour level; her particular interest is Iyengar Yoga and she loves to meditate daily.  As she says; “it makes my life work.”  In her spare time she kayaks and also spends time at Ross Lake; “I love the silence and being reminded how little we really are in comparison with nature.”  Wendy is an avid reader with some favorites: Les Miserable, The Stone People, and Pilgrim at Tinker.

From Wendy herself:
“I love massage and have been practicing for 25 years since graduating from Seattle Massage School. I have studied Lomi Lomi Massage, 3 classes ending with a 10 day workshop in Hawaii. In the last year I have taken Bastyr's Cadaver Anatomy, Kay Rynerson's class on Table Thai and Beginning Trager.  I like combining the above techniques with deep tissue work and my own intuitive style."

My philosophy on massage: Silence, breathing, understanding. On some level we’re all survivors, but I also want to be a thriver.”



Tamikia Jones, LMP

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Sloan Reed, LMT

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