The right care following your auto accident.

Welcome to Accident and Injury Care.  As a Chiropractic and Massage clinic, we strive to understand what each patient goes through following a traumatic injury. Our goal is to not only help you recover from your injuries, but to create a friendly, healing environment that focuses on the individual’s needs.  We help you heal but also help you understand the care you are receiving as it pertains to your injuries. 

The treatment plans administered by the doctors of Accident and Injury Care are goal oriented around the examination of your injuries before and after each treatment. As the patient, you are able to monitor your progress knowing that once you are healed, your treatment will be complete without the need for ongoing repetitive care. In any case where additional care is required, we readily refer to other specialties including acupuncturists, physical therapists, neurologists, physiatrists (spine specialists), and orthopedists.