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Lou on Yahoo

"Having never been to a Chiropractor, I wasn't sure what to expect after a recent industrial injury. I saw Dr Martin and Abby soon after the injury and was able to return to work right away. After a couple visits I was pain free and after 4 visits I was completely back to my pre-injury condition. Having heard all the stories about how once you go to a Chiropractor, you will have to continue to see them the rest of your life, it was nice to hear Dr Martin's philosophy on healing the injury and then to have it work like he said it would. Thanks for everything!"

Google Testimonials

"My wife had encouraged me to see a Chiropractor after my Internal MD had said I had an "old man" back at 58. I was a skeptic having never been to this type of treatment before. My first visit with another Chiropractor confirmed my suspicions... lots of visits, a massage chair and no results! I then learned of Dr. Matin and Abby and decided one more time. The first thing he told me was that he wanted patients for a short time, get them healed and have them as friends for life. SURPRISE!! Oh, by the way he will spend time listening .... what a difference in the Medical profession today! They work together as a team for adjustments and massage therapy and I am very happy to say that both my wife I are feeling much better for the first time in many years and are in the process of winding down our treatments. Good news we are being healed, know how to help ourselves and visit when necessary... Bad News we will both miss their treatments, conversation, care and support! If you are in pain work with them and experience the difference they bring to the Profession."

"I came to Accident and Injury Care with not necessarily a specific injury, but neck issues and wanted to know if there was something in my neck that needed adjustment. After a quick interview to share my issues and concerns, I was given a wonderful massage by Abby who talked her way through the massage so that if I had discomfort, she could adjust. The heated table she had is wonderful and the room certainly provides a relaxing atmosphere to unwind in. After she gave me some tips on what to do after the massage process I was sent off to Dr. Martin for further evaluation. After the Dr and Abby conferred, I was examined and then advised that I did not have any serious issues, but was given some tips and exercises to help with the muscle tightness in my neck. I was impressed with the fact that Dr. Martin did not try to "sell" a program to me, but was frank and honest in that I did not need further care. He made me feel welcome to return any time I felt the need for a massage and encouraged me to see him again if I so felt the need. A very refreshing attitude!!"

"I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Martin at Accident and Injury Care. I first went to Dr. Martin for a work related injury. He focused on treatment of my injuries only. He did not try to continue my care beyond what was needed; he took the time to stretch out my injuries while also applying minor adjustments. He worked closely with the massage therapists for the best all around care. I am satisfied with his work that I have returned to him for further services when I was in a car accident and sustained injuries."

"Abby is the best! I have been to many massage therapists with my rheumatoid arthritis and my fibromyalgia and other assorted joint pain issues. Abby is very good at working with her clients, always checking to make sure the pressure is just right on the person she is giving the massage to. So I am driving further just so i can continue to have Abby as my massage therapist!!!!"

"Abby is a wonderful massage therapist - she is very good at what she does. I first went to her for a headache that wouldn't go away, but kept visiting her for treatments even after I was feeling better."

"If you find yourself on the wrong end of a car accident (as I once did, having been hit head-on on the highway by an inattentive truck driver) then you owe it to yourself to contact Accident and Injury Care. Having used a variety of different chiropractors and masseuse's in the Seattle and Bellevue areas in the past to try to treat my many injuries, I know how important it is to find the right combination of chiropractor and masseuse who can work together to treat you holistically. After my hospital stay I was referred by my MD to work with Dr Martin and Abby to actively treat my injuries and promote healing.

As with all auto accidents, there are usually a lot of underlying symptoms that often get overlooked because of the "ache and pain of the day". Dr Martin and Abby really spent the time to diagnose me and educate me (using body models, diagrams, and all sorts of anatomy pictures) about what was happening with my body because of my deep injuries. They basically educated me and treated me at the same time so I always felt like an informed participant. It was a great experience. I'm now pain-free and back to my old self. Thank you!

Highly recommended!"

From Dan on Yelp.com

"I've been seeing Dr. Martin for a few years and have enjoyed the experience and benefits. As an avid athlete and runner, the evaluations and examinations each visit have provided results and prevented additional injury.

I've been a consistent patient of Abby and appreciate her massage philosophy. Her partnership and communication with Dr. Martin ensures a quality massage and has helped with injury prevention."

Erin on Bing

"After a hard jolt on the roadways I felt some strong pain and stiffness in my lower back and neck. Dr. Martin and Ms. Dillinger were able to fit me in for an appointment quickly and gave me treatment that helped my recovery go smoothly. The office is welcoming, the conversation fun, and I'd recommend this practice for anyone suffering from previous back/neck injury."

Darian on Yellowpages